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Written by: Briana Wright

Too often minimized to the shorts and the triangle, the beautiful island of Bermuda is not given HALF of the credit it deserves. Even the pink sand beaches are merely a fraction of all the reasons to make it your next travel destination.

Whether it’s a romantic getaway, girls trip or family vacay, Bermuda has something to offer everyone! Here are 3 reasons why Bermuda is a must-visit!


Bermuda is one of cleanest, most stunning islands I have ever been to. Normally in tropical places, the luxurious aspects are condensed into the tourist areas but it’s safe to say that Bermuda is NOT one of those places.

The entire island is flawlessly kept; free of panhandlers, street vendors, stray dogs, litter and things of that nature; although, you may see a chicken or two. Besides that, I’m confident you’ll be pleased wherever you stay if you enjoy a marvelous view.

Fun fact: each home is limited to one car per household and there’s a requirement of how much greenery you have surrounding your property. This is to keep the streets from being clogged and the look to stay picturesque; and I must say, it’s working!

God did his big one with Bermuda’s natural beauty. The waters are clear blue, there’s multiple jaw-dropping, natural crystal caves and yes, the sand glimmers with hints of pink.

But even down to what’s man-made. I’ve seen brand-new hotels and the oldest building on the island- ALL clearly created with the views in mind. Not to mention, the residents take so much pride in being Bermudian and in the island’s beauty that no matter where you go, you’re bound to love what you see.


One of the island’s most distinctive attributes is its heritage. Being the oldest remaining British colony thus one of the first stops during the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade, the country is oozing with history.

For starters, the island is predominantly Black, making up 54% of the population. Bermuda’s preservation of Black history is unlike anything I’ve ever seen! Super accessible and immersed into society, Bermudians and visitors can literally stroll through time.

I took a tour of a town called St. Georges with a Bermudian writer, entrepreneur and community activist named Kristin White. St. Georges is the oldest town on the island and full of stories, culture and Black history.

We learned so much while perusing past incredible landmarks like the former barbershop of Joseph Rainey, the 1st Black person to serve in the U.S.House of Representatives. We also saw original Black baptism archives in St. Peter’s Church, the burial grounds for Black and Caribbean slaves and more!

Not to mention, there are plenty of shops and attractions to enjoy such as Kristin’s very own boutique Long Story Short, Salt Water Jewelry Designs, a handmade jewelry shop and the Lili Bermuda Perfumery!


There is an ambiance about Bermuda that is difficult to explain. Too often, we subscribe to these aesthetic ideas of what vacation should look like when in reality a vacation can be beautiful AND boring. That is impossible in Bermuda.

When it comes to luxury on the island, Bermuda Tourism Authority leaves no crumbs . Staying at The Loren at Pink Beach, spending a day at the Sandy Mount Villa and tasting champagne on a boat aren’t even half of the extravagance at your fingertips while in Bermuda.

However, trying a traditional Bermudian fish sandwich, dancing in nightclubs on Front Street, and meeting so many wonderful Bermudians from all walks of life, truly made the experience what it was.

As a tourist, I have never felt more welcomed and safe while abroad. And while I never experienced that level of luxury before, I always envisioned it would be accompanied by people that were posh and reserved. This was not the case in Bermuda at all!

If you value realness and luxury, experiences and positive vibes, aesthetic and culture- you will absolutely love Bermuda. So stop what you’re doing and book the flight.

Your welcome!

-Miss Wright 💋

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