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Nsh Ghxst Drops New Single, "Basic B*tch"

Written by: Briana Wright @misswrighttv

Rising artist, Nsh Ghxst, is hitting the new year full speed with his newest single, "Basic B*tch."

Melodic, catchy, and far from basic- Nsh Ghxst has found his sound. Despite kicking off his music career only one year ago, he expressed that his love for music was always there.

"Growing up, music always played a major part in my life, helping me through tough times," said Nsh Ghxst.

After finally stepping into the booth, it's safe to say there's no getting him out. His growth in only a year paired with his grind, displays raw talent, individuality & most importantly, HUSTLE.

The 22-year old singer/songwriter dropped his latest track on Wednesday, January 12th, nearly a month after his last single, "Tonight," featuring the very popular singer/rapper, FH Snoop.

Photo via IG: @nshghxst

Young and hungry, Nsh Ghxst plans to push out even more consistent music in an attempt to grow his popularity.

"I've been looking to drop a song a week to get a hold of a fan base and people who attract to my music," said the Norristown artist.

Step by step, his efforts are beginning to pay off; having reached over 11K views on his "GYALIS" freestyle via TikTok! And let me be the first to say, it's only up from here.

Be sure to catch him while you can and stream "Basic B*tch" now available on all platforms.

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