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Meet Tiana Brown: A BOSS

Written by: Briana Wright @misswrighttv

A television themed beauty company. You've never seen anything like it...I know.

This week's #SOS features Ms. Tiana Brown, business owner, videographer, producer, hair-care specialist & a creative to say the least.

Since I've met Tiana at PSU freshman year, she's been a D.I.Y kind of girl. Like, nails? Did that. Wig? Made that. Face? Beat that. Now, she can say business? LLC'd that!

She recently combined her passion/skills in television (Oh yea, telecomm major? Degree'd that.) with her knack for beauty & natural hair care and created The Vital Photo from Instagram @_teepatrice Beauty Company LLC.

Hair & Make-Up @_teepatrice


Photo from Instagram @tvbeautycompany

She's offering all-natural hair and skin products at an affordable price, self-care tips, and more- not just via social media, but also in a TV show!

"Raw Beauty" the TV show, is displaying natural ingredient combos for both men & women proven to be a success. Episode 1, "Restoration" airs May 4th, be sure to check it out!

Proud of you sis.

Love, Bree

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