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Meet Kendra Dennis: A BOSS

Written by: Briana Wright @misswrighttv

This week's #SOS goes to the very intelligent and beautiful business owner, Kendra Dennis.

I personally got to know this Queens shawty in the summer of 2018 during my internship in NY with Power 105.1's "The Breakfast Club." Kendra had been interning there already and we quickly went from coworkers to sisters.

Other than her work ethic and her Queens' class, something that always stuck out about Kendra was her BEAT FACE. I'll never forget the time she visited me at PSU & forgot her make-up (which is tragic for a litty weekend at PSU)...I swore all I had was eyeshadow and concealer but sis came out with a face BEAT to the gods!!! I was so confused, like b*tch teach me!! 😂😂

In so many words, everyone told her she should pursue some kind of business in beauty and while she considered it, she was studying and interning in media which took up most of her time and believe it or not- it takes a lot of confidence to use your own skill and FACE as promo. People have to look at your face and want to buy what you're selling, which could be hella scary for some people; so, she hesitated for a bit.

After a few hot girl summers, Kendra did a deep dive into herself and started learning more about crystals, spirituality, etc. and focusing more on self-love and manifestation. Next thing you know, I check up on her one day and she tells me she's working on something great- great is an understatement.

In the summer of 2020, Kendra brought "Beauty in Manifestation" to life. BIM is her cosmetics, lifestyle and wellness brand, which encompasses her skills in media and beauty and her passion for wellness. Via Beauty in Manifestation, Kendra is not only bringing you quality products like body butter, sage spray, jewelry, & more, but she's also giving us make-up tutorials, messages of positivity, and other kinds of elite promo blessing your TL!

"Beauty in Manifestation aspires to broaden the conversation of beauty and wellness through healing of the mind, body and spirit and that through all constant transitional phases you are the pilot of your plane." If you're looking for a beauty brand that focuses on INNER beauty as much as outter, BIM is your place.

The website launched only a few days ago and I couldn't be more proud! Business is booming and this queen is doing her thing- so before you miss your wave, stop what you're doing and follow @beautyinmanifestation ! Also, checkout her website and cop some products! Feel free to use my promo code MISSWRIGHT15 to save 15% on your ENTIRE purchase, you know, brand ambassador tingz 😝

Again, I'm so proud of you sis. Keep being great!

Love, Bree

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