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Boost Your Feminine Energy | Tips + Products

Written by: Briana Wright @misswrighttv

Photo Credit: @misswrighttv | As an amazon associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

This subject is gender neutral, however I'll be taking a moment to speak directly to the girls.

As women, it's easy to forget about ourselves because we're responsible for a lot more than we're given credit for. No matter your generation, it is in our nature to nurture. We care for others immensely and it's important that we learn to cater to ourselves in the same way.

It's easier said than done because we literally make the world go round. Women breed society and are still expected to do so much that we've grown to rather do some things ourselves. We're hustlers, mothers, fathers, breadwinners, providers, protectors & more!

So, is it possible to be and do all of these things and remain in touch with our femininity? I would like to think so, but just like anything else, we have to work at it.

In my last YouTube video I tried some new things and purchased a few products with the hopes of tapping into my feminine energy a bit more. I can honestly say, since doing these things I feel a lot more like myself and some. I feel like I'm showing up as the woman I want to be.

If this is a feeling you're looking for, keep reading...

The first thing I did was START WITH MY SPACE. Whatever space you call your's should indicate in some way that it is your's. It should feel how you want to feel. So, if it's cluttered, messy and unkept, it's likely that you'll feel and/or give off those same feelings.

Beyond just cleaning, because you may be doing enough of that already, also try romanticizing your space. Treat it as if you're about to have company. This could mean taking out the nicer hand-towels for the bathroom, lighting your favorite candle, using glassware instead of plastic, etc.

But the catch is, YOU'RE the company! Pull out all the stops for yourself then relish in it! Why? Because you deserve, of course.

The second thing I did was AMPLIFY MY SCENTS EVERYWHERE. Emphasis on everywhere because lighting a candle is one thing, but gracing every space with a lingering douse of your femininity takes more!

Try some new plug-ins for long-lasting scents! Get one for your car! Buy some flowers! Invest in an elegant perfume and actually use it! Don't wait until you're going somewhere. Wear that perfume NOW!

The overall goal is to be able to take a deep breath where ever you are and feel at peace, pleased and feminine. I have a Bath and Body Works plug-in (scent: fresh coconut & cotton) in my office and I absolutely LOVE IT.

I leave my office door open and coworkers step in and compliment me on my space all the time! In a work setting where the atmosphere can easily be stressful and monotonous, every time I walk into my space I smile and that's largely due to the scent. Ideally, we want to apply that theory to all the spaces that we inhabit.

Lastly, I attempted to define what femininity MEANT TO ME and embody that. This was probably most important because I realized it's different for everyone.

We see women online spending hundreds of dollars on hair, skin, nails, spas, etc. in an attempt to feel more feminine and while that may work for some, it's not quite guaranteed to.

For some women, sitting back and allowing men to do more for them is tapping into their femininity. Maybe you struggle with receiving help or compliments and tapping into your femininity means getting better at that. These problems can't be fixed at the salon, make sense?

So, ask yourself, "whom or what embodies femininity to YOU?" I never thought of it until I went flower shopping. I never cared for flowers but I associated femininity with not just a bouquet of roses like society tells us, but actual plants, gardens, and flowers. Once I made the purchase I realized it was because the women I looked forward to being like as a child all had and loved flowers; my mother and grandmothers.

It could be your mom. It could be Beyonce, Rihanna, Tyra Banks or Hilary Banks. Maybe it's an object, a specific scent, the act of cooking, shopping or doing your makeup. Whatever the case may be, discover what that something is that relates to your idea of femininity and you will truly feel more like what you desire.

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